Every training session has a beginning and an end, it’s what happens in between those two points where legacies are made.  


We apply all the things we have learned from assessing and profiling over 70,000 people via our partners at Archon to construct a robust process that when followed results in, well, results. 

You will be required to follow a series of steps to form the overall process, follow them, trust us and you will become a better athlete, whatever stage you’re at.


We will set you a series of testing and profiling to complete on the Archon platform.  This will allow us (and you) an in-depth insight into what kind of athlete you currently are.  Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and what we need to do to overcome them to get you into a better position to perform maximally throughout the WODS.  We call this your AFR (Archon Fitness Rating), you can read more about this below.


Follow the workouts and the sessions available via download.  Once you have completed a pre-determined amount we will get you to re-test your AFR.  This will let us (and you) know where you are progressing, in which categories of your fitness profile you are improving the most, and what still needs work.  

Archon AFR

The AFR is your Archon Fitness Rating.  Think of it as a way to score your fitness.  You will be tested in each of 6 categories to make sure that we cover all aspects of your fitness abilities.  You will also be required to complete a series of benchmark workouts that will repeatable over time to show progression.  We are the only company/competition that is allowed to use Archon in such a way and so you can feel safe putting your fitness in our hands.