Registration starts from £8.50 per 1 month

WOD2WIN is a monthly engagement/competition.  Our aim is to provide you with innovative, unique workouts based on our methodology of scoring so that anyone in any gym, anywhere in the world has a chance to compete.  You’ll have the opportunity to win a share of 10% of the prize pot, generated every month or alternatively one of the monthly prizes donated by one of our partners or sponsors.  To win, you don’t have to be the best.  We also reward participation so you could win for just taking part.  We’d love you to join our community of data-driven athletes who want to get better, but also want to have fun while they’re doing it.



Competition Only

Competition Only – 1 Month (£10.00)*

If you want to dip your toe in the water, this is the option for you.  1 month, no commitment, see how you get on?

Competition Only – Monthly Subscription (£8.50 per month)*

Like in any new relationship, you’re committed but still hedging your bets.  Cancel anytime but you’ll need to be subscribed on the last day of the competition to be eligible for one of the prizes.

Competition Only – Annual Subscription (£96.00)*

You like to dive in headfirst, you’re the type to say ‘I love you on the second date, you’ll buy the T-shirt, cap and water bottle if it’s available.  It’s all or nothing right?


Competition & Programming

Competition and Programming – 1 Month (£30.00 per month)*

This is like having friends with benefits, only this time the benefit comes in the form of a handy program to follow to help build you into a better athlete

Competition and Programming – Monthly Subscription (£25.50 per month)*

Friends with longer-term benefits, possibly getting to the point where you’ll need to change your Facebook status to athlete

Competition and Programming – Annual Subscription (£288.00)*

No longer friends with benefits, we’re now into the ‘buying a puppy’ stage of commitment to the cause.  Now, what to name it?


Programming Bolt-on

Programming Bolt-on 1 Month (£20.00 per month)*

Sometimes you just want someone else to do all the dirty work and tell you what to do, even if it is just for a short time

Programming Bolt-on Monthly (£17.00 per month)*

When you realise that for every other job you get an expert in and building you into a better athlete is no different.  It’s time to unleash the beast

* To be eligible to be selected to win a share of the prize fund, or one of the prizes you MUST have an active subscription or have paid for the month or annually on the last day of the competition itself.  If you do NOT hold an active subscription or have paid for that month either as a single month or annually, even if selected to win, you will have lost your eligibility and can no longer receive the prize or share of the prize pot.


Additional information

Payment Options

Competition Only – One Month, Competition Only – Monthly Subscription, Competition Only – Annual Subscription, Competition & Programming – One Month, Competition & Programming – Monthly Subscription, Competition & Programming – Annual Subscription, Programming Bolt-On – 1 Month, Programming Bolt-On – Monthly Subscription


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