500m Row time – 1 mnute 25 seconds 

Archon Score 87.26

Age – 41 years old 

Gender – Male 

Weight – 94kg 

Height – 178cm


500m Row time – 1minute 42 seconds 

Archon Score 88.00

Age – 31 years old 

Gender – Female 

Weight – 60kg 

Height – 165cm 

When you take into account both athlete’s metrics (Age, Gender, Height, and Weight) for them to score the same, Sarah needs to Row a 1 minute and 42 second 500m time to equal Pete’s 1 minute 25 seconds.  When we add in other assessments into the workouts you will see who is the better performing athlete.

Competitions are often dominated by the same type of competitor, so we wanted to broaden the spectrum of those who could enter and win.  We have created carefully crafted workouts and WODS that will challenge every aspect of your fitness but with a twist.  The person performing the best will ultimately win.  So if you lift well pound for pound, or you’ve managed to put off father time and are operating at a level of a 30-year-old but you’re really 40 then WOD2WIN will give you every chance of winning.

No longer will competitions be dominated by the few, it has finally become accessible to the many.   

Archon is our technology partner and with it, we can run truly unique competitions.  Your score and consequently your position on the leaderboard will rely purely upon n how well you are doing for your own metrics.  We then take those raw scores and convert them to Archon Performance Ratings (APR) for each of the scored assessment elements in our WODS.  If your APR beats everyone else’s then you are performing at a higher level and you win the WOD.  End up on the top of the leaderboard to be crowned the WOD2WIN Winner for that month.